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Polymoon - 'Chrysalis' is out now

This is the kind of album that’s able to take notions and tropes of genre to places they do not often go, and to meld stylistic elements that in less capable hands would be too disparate to connect. And to do it with class, and distinction, and passion. Beautiful.' - The Obelisk

' "Chrysalis" ist ein verschwenderisch wie zielstrebig aufgezogenes Prog-Epos mit viel Fleisch an den Knochen und zeigt POLYMOON als aufregende Gratwanderer' - 13/15 -

'Some bands fall into the trap of repeating themselves or not pushing forward enough with their sophomore effort, but Polymoon has exceeded already high expectations with album two.' -

Upcoming Polymoon Gigs:

17.2.2023 Tiivistämö, Helsinki

18.2.2023 House Of Rock, Kouvola

24.2.2023 Olympia, Tampere

25.2.2023 45 Special, Oulu

28.4.2023 Desert HEL Festival, Helsinki

Polymoon Socials:


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