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Tiger says "In the beginning of April, we were in the middle of writing „The Isolation Tapes“. I started riding my bike along the canal as my morning ritual, looking for some kind of enlightenment. The sun was shining, the trees were full of green leaves and the sound of the wind filled me with joy. I was just happy to be home. For the first time in 8 years, I didn’t have single a tour scheduled. Since Judith and I became parents three years ago, and with another baby on the way there were some strong positive side effects to the corona crisis, after all. I still thought about the past tours a lot. And realized then I had had a constant dream on tour. It was about how I felt bad about not being home, and in it my daughter Luca appeared and she smiled at me. Making her laugh and seeing her smile is what I missed the most. In the dream it gave me a feeling of affirmation to carry on do my job, which I love without doubt. That remained a strong positive image in my mind. I guess that’s what the song is about - take a good memory and let it lighten you up. Luca´s smile can make a dark day bright. She´s my eternal light."


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