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Take a step into the unknown and dive into the second single from Polymoon's highly anticipated sophomore album “Chrysalis”. “Set The Sun” takes a heavier turn both sonically and visually and spirals into the world of figure skating. The second appetizer from Polymoon's sophomore album “Chrysalis” will be available in visual form this Friday. The second single “Set The Sun” will be available on all streaming platforms on the 20th of January. “Chrysalis” will be released by Berlin-based and Kadavar driven label Robotor Records on the 17th of February, 2023. “Set The Sun” is the second single from the forthcoming album “Chrysalis” and is accompanied by a music video directed, filmed and edited by Polymoon members Kalle-Erik Kosonen, Jesse Jaksola and Marco Menestrina. In the music video, Polymoon guitarist Jesse Jaksola wanders around an eerie wintery forest on a bicycle before seeing his life flash before his eyes. However, the ephemeral vision takes him to a whole another world. Check it out below.

“‘In this song, the second phase of metamorphosis has begun and the golden chrysalis starts to form around the character. The song is a depiction of depression and closing into the shell. There is a party for one in a golden room inside one’s mind.

Set The Sun is musically the heaviest song of the album. It goes hand in hand with the lyrics, from sanity to insanity. It is dark and majestic. You’ll find yourself singing the lyrics with a smile on your face and you have no idea why. We wanted to create a beautiful and dreamy music video that has contrast to the heaviness of the song.

The progressive and heavy rock genre we represent has maintained a rather traditional and one-dimensional image of what kind of art and for what kind of audience is made within the genre. Through our visual expression, we want to break the structures of a genre perceived as strongly masculine and with our own contribution make the scene safe and easily approachable for all listeners.” “Chrysalis” – out February 17 – follows Polymoon’s critically acclaimed debut album “Caterpillars Of Creation” that was released in 2020. The new album is set to be released while the band is on tour, performing alongside the Finnish psychedelic rock group Death Hawks with announced dates in early 2023. Links + Info: Watch “Set The Sun” music video: Pre-Save / Stream Link: Pre-Order Chrysalis LP:

Music Video by Kalle-Erik Kosonen, Jesse Jaksola & Marco Menestrina Figure skating by Meri Jaakola

Song written and performed by Polymoon

Recorded and produced by Tiger Bartelt

Mastered by Janne Hakanen Upcoming Polymoon Gigs:

10.2.2023 Lutakko, Jyväskylä

11.2.2023 Bar 15, Seinäjoki

16.2.2023 Utopia, Turku

17.2.2023 Tiivistämö, Helsinki

18.2.2023 House Of Rock, Kouvola

24.2.2023 Olympia, Tampere

25.2.2023 45 Special, Oulu

28.4.2023 Desert HEL Festival, Helsinki

Polymoon Socials:

Robotor Records:


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