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Catalog No RRR001

Release Date 23.10.2020

„It all came at once, and there was no way to fight it“, says Lupus Lindemann. „No more touring, stay at home, put everything on hold. With all the downsides of the lock down, there were a few days when I just felt free as a bird. I was out of reach, and it was alright. It has been a while since I have felt like that actually. And I believe we all needed it. We were able to just drift along and make music of whatever came to our minds.“

While KADAVAR’s musical development has always been about liberation and pushing the boundaries of the retro rock genre, this is yet one bigger step into a cosmos where the dogma of the classic trio approach is left behind completely. You’ll hear triple vocal harmonies and trippy guitar solos gently riding on an ocean of vintage synthesizers, the tectonic plates of drum and bass calmly pushing from down below.

Tiger Bartelt notes: „We used to have sort of a clear vision once we started making a record. And making a connection to the previous record was always part of it. This time, it was different. We had no orientation, no expectation towards ourselves, I might even say. Corona took our gravity…“

1st Edition

Bone Edition (Ltd. to 250)
3-Way A-Side / B-Side Edition (Ltd. to 280)
Galaxy Edition (Ltd. to 500)
Splatter Edition (Ltd. to 500)
Transparent Purple (Ltd. to 500)

Screenprint Edition – (Ltd. to 6 x 111 each)

CD - (Ltd. to 1000)

2nd Edition

Transparent Green & Orange / Half & Half (Ltd. to 500)
Green-Orange-Bone Merge w/ Splatter (Ltd. to 260)

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